I love my job as a barber, a job as old as the world!


Barber in Sorrento for more than a decade, Andrew Barber Shop, is the exclusive place where every man finds everything he seeks: a stylish and fashionable haircut, perfect shaving and mustache care and many other treatments dedicated to the male universe.

Each cut and every treatment is the result of a meticulous search  for excellence and innovation in the care of the male image, a research that Andrea Gargiulo, owner of the Barber shop in Sorrento, has been passionately pursuing since 2005, after years of apprenticeship, he finally decided to turn his profession into investing in himself and going solo with his first barber shop, a small shop of only 15 square meters.

Over the years Andrew, becoming an undisputed landmark for those looking for a barber in Sorrento and its surroundings, has created its own line of products for hair and beard care: products that carry the name of this renowned barber in Sorrento all over the world.

The philosophy


A decisive style that is based on cleansing and definition as well as in cutting even in the tapering, carefully cured until reaching  the perfect  hairstyle.  Attention to detail on the perfect shaving of the beard adapted and  moulded to the shape of the face to enhance its qualities, always in full respect of the personality and character of the gentleman who will carry it.



My treatments in addition to innovation and constant updating point to respect for tradition. In this scope one of the musts of my salon is the use of warm cloth combined with the exceptional efficiency of products, balms and oils, gives it a natural, radiant look to the gentlemen's faces who rely on our wise hands, both mine  and my staff, in my Barber’s shop in Sorrento.

A new salon that respects the style of the classic barbershop


The aim of the restyling of Andrew's salon was to carve out a space that was not only functional but fully reflects his "barber" soul which underlines his evolution over these years, a path that led him to confront  European reality and new methods of understanding this ancient craft.

What awaits you is a dive into the past! All new furnishings are of ancient inspiration, inspired by the fabulous years ranging from the 30's to the 50's, golden barber years: the barber pole at the entrance to Anglo-Saxon memory, an original barber chair, vintage and classic armchairs, waiting room chairs in wood.

To complete the vintage atmosphere, accessories and decorations that make the Andrew's lounge a great place to spend some quality time relying on the capable hands of this barber, so passionate about his work he makes it his lifestyle!