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Hair: The Skull line


The SKULL WAXES line was born after  many years of research and experimentation with the intent of making a nutritious product

but at the same time styling and especially Made

in Italy because Italian style differs from other cultures.

This line was developed from the research for modeling pastes that do not leave any residue but that last in time and can be mixed with each other. All based on keratin also are nutritious for the hair.

The SKULL WAXES line has the skull as an allegory of the human mind and the names of the waxes are inspired by the deviations of the latter: PSYCHO, SHINING, MADNESS, HYSTERIA.

Line for beard


LINE FOR THE BEARD  products were developed from ANDREW's will to find a nutritive and reconstructive product for the beard to give brightness and shine whilst remaining light and not greasy.

The particular formula is enriched with fruit extracts and with the particular Sorghum Lemon Fragrance. A perfect mix of moisturizing and aroma.

T- Shirt


100%  Flamed Cotton T-Shirt

Available in all sizes from S to XL

Exclusive leader for the Andrew Barber Shop brand, the only original

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